Items: Size or Style Missing

Why is your size, desired style or color not listed?


Generally, this is because it is either sold out or the manufacturer doesn't make that style or color in your size.


If the product your are viewing is on sale, a manufacturer closeout or factory blemish, these deals are so good that they sell out very fast.  Also, we don't normally receive all sizes available in all styles or colors in the closeout or factory blemish products from the manufacturer.  So if your size, desired style or color isn't shown, that means it's not available at this time.


We may receive future shipments of some of these closeout or factory blemish products, and we may receive your size, desired style or color at that time.  If you are on our newsletter list, we will send you an email when new shipments of these products arrive.  Don't get our free hottest deals/coupon emails?   You can sign up by clicking on the "Latest Offers Sign Up" icon in the top banner of any page on our website.


We cannot special order any sizes, styles or colors in a sale item, closeout or factory blemish product due to the nature of the product.


If the product you are viewing is a current model product, and your size in your desired style or color isn't showing, that means that the manufacturer simply doesn't make that style or color in your size.  When we carry a current model product, we always stock every size that the manufacturer makes in that product and will reorder these items to maintain inventory if it is available.

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