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The Boa Shoe Lacing System™comprises three primary components:


Steel Shoe Lace™
The Steel shoe lace was developed especially for the Boa System and tested with thousands of hours of in field use. It is made of 19 individual super high strength strands of aircraft grade stainless steel. These strands are braided together to form a long lasting, abrasion resistant, super strong lace. These strands are then wrapped in a specially formulated engineering polymer coating to provide a smooth durable and friction free surface.




The Boa Lace Reel
The Steel shoe lace ends are fixed to a spool within the miniature Boa Reel. When the knob is rotated, the lace is wound onto the spool as the shoe tightens.




Elongated Lace Guides
The elongated lace guides distribute closure force perfectly across the eyestays of the shoe creating a more even and controlled closure - with fewer lace crossings - than is possible with shoelaces. The guides are made of a durable and lubricious plastic which allows the lace to run through them with very little friction.



The performance advantages are significant:

No pressure points.  Because of the unique elongated lace guides and precise closure, pressure points are eliminated.  You can adjust tightness minutely and instantly to dial in the perfect fit every time. On-the-fly adjustments like this are impossible with shoelaces.


Closure is solid.  It can't loosen up. As the shoe itself stretches through the course of the day, a quick half turn of the knob tightens it back up again.

The convenience advantages are also significant:

It is vastly easier and faster to put your shoes on and take them off.   You can wear your shoes loose and comfortable for kicking around and then instantly tighten them up for super support during play.  No more loose shoelace ends in the way when your shoes are on or off.


The Boa Lacing System provides a dramatic improvement over shoelaces for almost any kind of performance footwear or other products that require controlled closure.

• Tightness can be fine tuned by dialing in perfect closure force.
• The Elongated Lace Guides™ provide perfectly distributed closure force across the eyestays.
• Low friction and the Elongated Lace Guides™ combine to  eliminate pressure points and provides a unique glove like fit.
• Closure is solid. It can't loosen up or come untied.
• No more loose shoelace ends. The special Boa laces wind up inside the reel.
• It is kind of fun. Shoes slip on and off effortlessly and can be worn very loose or very tight. A quick turn of the Boa dial adjusts tightness instantly.

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