My Golf Locker - Thank you for your interest.




I wanted to personally reach out to you and thank you for your interest in our newly launched personal shopping service - My Golf Locker. We launched the service this Spring, and the response has been tremendous.


We started this program in order to provide our Patrons with the best service in the golf world, along with the best golf lifestyle apparel and shoes. A service that will introduce you to the finest that the top brands in golf have to offer that you may not find in your club's golf shop. A service that will save you the time and hassle of shopping and have you looking your best all year round.


Since you didn't complete our Patron Profile Questionnaire, I wanted to write to you to renew your interest and invite you to revisit our unique program that is 100% focused on the needs of the avid golfer. You can complete your profile by logging into our website with your email address and password that you created in the past.


Please recall that you have no obligation with our service. There are no fees, you only keep what you like, and all of the shipping costs are paid for by us.


I encourage you to take another look at My Golf Locker via the information and links below.


Thank you for your time and interest.


Yours in golf,
Bart Patterson
PGA Professional
Founder | President






"Your customer service has been top notch, and I enjoy being exposed to so many new things."
JS - Tallahassee, FL


"I love this!"
WB - Lebanon, TX


"I'm thrilled with what I got, and I am looking forward to the next shipment. Thank you all for a great service. What an awesome idea! "
MB - Olive Branch, MS


"Now if only my golf game looked as good as I am dressed! "
EH - Woodland, CA


"Almost like you guys read my mind, love the styles, love the colors, everything fit like a glove."
JF - Lexington, KY


"Thank you for your prompt reply, care and concern."
TH - Copiague, NY


"Just received my first shipment. Super loved it! Great selection!"
JP - Coral Gables, FL


"I promise I am going to personally spread the word to anyone that will listen."
TC - Owasso, OK






Basically how does this service work?
You fill out a brief survey to tell us about you, your style and your favorite brands. We will hand-pick a selection of items specifically for you based on your survey responses, the time of year and your location.

After you receive your Locker, take 14 days to decide what you want to keep. You can return or exchange items with free shipping at all times, and you only pay for what you keep.


How much does it cost?
You tell us. During your My Golf Locker account setup questionnaire, you tell us how much you want to spend per shipment. It's entirely up to you. If you decide to not keep anything from a Locker shipment, there is zero cost to you.


How many items will I receive?
That depends on your chosen budget per Locker shipment. You set your budget during your initial account setup, but can change it any time. All items are returnable free of charge.


How often are packages sent to me?
That's completely up to you. You choose your desired frequency during your My Golf Locker account setup, but can change it at any time as well. You can also put the service on hold at any time.


Can I still get a Locker shipment this month?
You sure can. Go ahead and complete your Patron Profile by clicking one of the “GET STARTED” buttons in this email. We’ll email you a confirmation that you can reply to and request a Locker shipment at any time in addition to the Locker frequency that you sign up for during your Patron Profile setup.


Do you have more questions?
Please reply to this email, and we'll answer you as soon as possible. You can also call us toll-free at 888-479-1147.












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