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Check out what some of our Patrons have to say about our My Golf Locker Personal Shopping Service:


"I can at least *look* like a pro on the tee.”
PC - Lee’s Summit, MO

"Got my first shipment 3 days after I set up my Locker. Great choices and I'm keeping all of it.”
SH - Walnut Creek, CA

"Loved our first box. Thank you!”
MS - Fredericksburg, VA

"Legit service. Rarely disappointed.”
MM - Auburn, WA

"It takes all of my shopping and does it for me. I never know what I want, so letting someone else do it is great. It like getting a gift that you know you’re going to like.”
RH - Odenton, MD

"As usual, everything you sent me was top class. Whoever it is that picks the items does an outstanding job. I’ll be ordering another Locker within the next week. Thanks again for great service and product.”
JW - Brooks, GA

"When my Golf Locker arrives it's not whether I will be disappointed or not upon opening. Because I never am. No, It's a boyish glee of happiness' waiting to open the box of excitability that just arrived. I have yet to return any items from any of my boxes. Always, Spot on !!! Already looking forward to the next one.”
MP - Kewanee, IL

"I love my most recent Locker. I plan on keeping everything. I want to extend a huge 'thank you' to the person who picked this Locker! Awesome!”
DS - Middle Island, NY

"After becoming a My Golf Locker Patron a couple of years back, I can truthfully say I look forward to my next Locker. Many thanks to the Golf Locker Team! Great job, well done!”
EW - Naples, FL

"I’m incredibly pleased with my first box and the communication throughout it all.
Thank you. 5 stars.”

AS - Hastings, MI

"Each box is tailored to your preferences in style, brand, etc. I told my buddies to jump on board.”
BS - Auburn, NY

"My last Locker was great! All the items fit well and followed my profile likes to a tee!"
MO - Louisville, KY

"Another great box! Looking forward to the next one."
LW - St. Louis Park, MN

"I love everything you sent me. Thank you so much for a great year of service. Your Company is awesome. I have 3 neighbors that have since signed up for your service as well."
MT - Waxhaw, NC

"Absolutely love golf locker for its concierge type service, product availability, and competitive pricing. Customer service is unparalleled."
MK - Ligonier, PA

"You nailed my first order! Love the whole box!"
JM - Burlington, WA




"Thanks for taking care of me during the year!"
HK - Everett, WA

"I am a former PGA Professional and I know this business was created by PGA Professionals. They understand what it takes to honor its customers."
JR - Keedysville, MD

"I really look forward to receiving new Golf Locker boxes."
TW - Wilson, NC

"Everything was great, fit perfectly, and I kept it all."
RD - Gainesville, TX

"Loved everything and fit just great!"
SB - Conway, AR

"The items all fit perfectly and I like the styles chosen."
JF - Jackson, MS

"Thanks for doing a great job keeping me looking good!"
CL - Nashville, NC

"I really liked the items I received. They were exactly what I was looking for."
DB - Canton, OH

"The Locker was right on target. Good choices and items I needed."
DF - Hudson, MA

"Loved the order this time! It was the best yet, and that is a high bar! Whoever put the box together did a GREAT job!"
KVW - Denver, CO

"This was the best yet. The vest is now my favorite item of golf clothing that I own. Great choices, looking forward to next time."
JM - Sagamore Hills, OH

"Great locker!! Everything fit perfectly and there was good variety."
CH - West Warwick, RI

"This was my first My Golf Locker shipment and couldn’t be happier. Happy with the items and the fit. I look forward for the next one."
JP - Velva, ND

"I love the quality of almost everything I've received this month and every previous shipment."
CM - Dubuque, IA

"You guys do a great job and have impressed me with every box so far. I love that pants came in my last box. These are my first pair of official golf pants."
JC - North Pole, AK

"Your customer service has been top notch, and I enjoy being exposed to so many new things."
JS - Tallahassee, FL




"I love this!"
WB - Lebanon, TX

"I'm thrilled with what I got, and I am looking forward to the next shipment.

Thank you all for a great service. What an awesome idea!"
MB - Olive Branch, MS

"Now if only my golf game looked as good as I am dressed!"
EH - Woodland, CA

"Almost like you guys read my mind, love the styles, love the colors, everything fit like a glove."
JF - Lexington, KY

"Thank you for your prompt reply, care and concern."
TH - Copiague, NY

"Just received my first shipment. Super loved it! Great selection!"
JP - Coral Gables, FL

"I promise I am going to personally spread the word to anyone that will listen."
TC - Owasso, OK

"Now if only my golf game looked as good as I am dressed!"
EH - Woodland, CA

"I now look sharp when stepping on the first tee and going to the 19th."
LD - Maricpoa, AZ

"Just received my first shipment. Super loved it! Great selection!"
JP - Coral Gables, FL

"I am blown away by the selections! I would have never found this myself."
DD - Oklahoma City, OK

"It’s always nice when my wife says, “I love everything, and it looks like nothing else you have.”"
MT - Yakima, WA

"I officially concede to your expertise! Every item fits perfectly."
RH - Susquehanna, PA

"The quality is first class. Great experience."
FD - New Fairfield, CT

"I receive a locker along with three other buddies. We are always the best looking group on the course!"
NC - Riverview, FL

JA - San Diego, CA



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