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Check out what some of our Patrons have to say about our My Golf Locker Personal Shopping Service:


"When my Golf Locker arrives it's not whether I will be disappointed or not upon opening. Because I never am. No, It's a boyish glee of happiness' waiting to open the box of excitability that just arrived. I have yet to return any items from any of my boxes. Always, Spot on !!! Already looking forward to the next one”
MP - Kewanee, IL

"I love my most recent Locker. I plan on keeping everything. I want to extend a huge 'thank you' to the person who picked this Locker! Awesome!”
DS - Middle Island, NY

"After becoming a My Golf Locker Patron a couple of years back, I can truthfully say I look forward to my next Locker. Many thanks to the Golf Locker Team! Great job, well done!”
EW - Naples, FL

"I’m incredibly pleased with my first box and the communication throughout it all.
Thank you. 5 stars.”

AS - Hastings, MI

"Each box is tailored to your preferences in style, brand, etc. I told my buddies to jump on board.”
BS - Auburn, NY

"My last Locker was great! All the items fit well and followed my profile likes to a tee!"
MO - Louisville, KY

"Another great box! Looking forward to the next one."
LW - St. Louis Park, MN

"I love everything you sent me. Thank you so much for a great year of service. Your Company is awesome. I have 3 neighbors that have since signed up for your service as well."
MT - Waxhaw, NC

"Absolutely love golf locker for it's concierge type service, product availability, and competitive pricing. Customer service is unparralleled."
MK - Ligonier, PA

"You nailed my first order! Love the whole box!"
JM - Burlington, WA

"Thanks for taking care of me during the year!"
HK - Everett, WA

"I am a former PGA Professional and I know this business was created by PGA Professionals. They understand what it takes to honor its customers."
JR - Keedysville, MD

"I really look forward to receiving new Golf Locker boxes."
TW - Wilson, NC

"Everything was great, fit perfectly, and I kept it all."
RD - Gainesville, TX




"Loved everything and fit just great!"
SB - Conway, AR

"The items all fit perfectly and I like the styles chosen."
JF - Jackson, MS

"Thanks for doing a great job keeping me looking good!"
CL - Nashville, NC

"I really liked the items I received. They were exactly what I was looking for."
DB - Canton, OH

"The Locker was right on target. Good choices and items I needed."
DF - Hudson, MA

"Loved the order this time! It was the best yet, and that is a high bar! Whoever put the box together did a GREAT job!"
KVW - Denver, CO

"This was the best yet. The vest is now my favorite item of golf clothing that I own. Great choices, looking forward to next time."
JM - Sagamore Hills, OH

"Great locker!! Everything fit perfectly and there was good variety."
CH - West Warwick, RI

"This was my first My Golf Locker shipment and couldn’t be happier. Happy with the items and the fit. I look forward for the next one."
JP - Velva, ND

"I love the quality of almost everything I've received this month and every previous shipment."
CM - Dubuque, IA

"You guys do a great job and have impressed me with every box so far. I love that pants came in my last box. These are my first pair of official golf pants."
JC - North Pole, AK

"Your customer service has been top notch, and I enjoy being exposed to so many new things."
JS - Tallahassee, FL

"I love this!"
WB - Lebanon, TX




"I'm thrilled with what I got, and I am looking forward to the next shipment.

Thank you all for a great service. What an awesome idea!"
MB - Olive Branch, MS

"Now if only my golf game looked as good as I am dressed!"
EH - Woodland, CA

"Almost like you guys read my mind, love the styles, love the colors, everything fit like a glove."
JF - Lexington, KY

"Thank you for your prompt reply, care and concern."
TH - Copiague, NY

"Just received my first shipment. Super loved it! Great selection!"
JP - Coral Gables, FL

"I promise I am going to personally spread the word to anyone that will listen."
TC - Owasso, OK

"Now if only my golf game looked as good as I am dressed!"
EH - Woodland, CA

"I now look sharp when stepping on the first tee and going to the 19th."
LD - Maricpoa, AZ

"Just received my first shipment. Super loved it! Great selection!"
JP - Coral Gables, FL

"I am blown away by the selections! I would have never found this myself."
DD - Oklahoma City, OK

"It’s always nice when my wife says, “I love everything, and it looks like nothing else you have.”"
MT - Yakima, WA

"I officially concede to your expertise! Every item fits perfectly."
RH - Susquehanna, PA

"The quality is first class. Great experience."
FD - New Fairfield, CT

"I receive a locker along with three other buddies. We are always the best looking group on the course!"
NC - Riverview, FL

JA - San Diego, CA



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