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As new golf shoes are introduced from the leading manufacturers throughout the year, we'd like to give you the opportunity to get them into your hands to see if you would like them.  For this service, we have our Golf Shoes Intro Program.


Periodically throughout the year, as new golf shoes are introduced that we feel are worthy of an introduction to our Patrons, we will email you images and product features.


If you would like us to send you a pair of the shoes, you will simply click on the image in our email, then click 'Send' from your email software.  That's all there is to it.


Since we have all of your sizing information and retention history, we'll best match your sizing to that of the shoes.  We will then ship the shoes to you.


Please note, we will have all sizes available in the styles we introduce when we initially introduce them, however shoe size and style availability is subject to the manufacturer's current inventory status once our inventory begins to deplete.  If our current inventory in your size is depleted, we will have the shoes shipped to you from the manufacturer if available.  For shoes shipped from the manufacturer, please contact us for a FedEx return label, should you require one.


The shoes will include free shipping to you, free shipping for size exchanges and free shipping for returns as well.  We will include a FedEx return label for your convenience, just like your regular Locker shipments.


If you decide to return the shoes, the shoes must not show any signs of wear or be worn outside, per our normal return policy for items.


Your credit card will be charged for the shoes when they are shipped to you, and your card will be refunded fully if you return the shoes in new condition - just like your normal Locker shipments.


The shoes shipment will not count as your next scheduled Locker shipment.  The shoes shipment will be an add-on shipment over and above your scheduled Locker shipments per your Patron Profile.


We are excited to have our Patrons be able to view and try on the latest in golf shoes through our Golf Shoe Intro Program. 


We are working each day to make the My Golf Locker service more beneficial for you.  Thank you for being a My Golf Locker Patron.


Please email us if you have any questions.  Supreme service and delighted Patrons is our #1 priority.


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