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Golf Locker Custom Logo



Please see information below about the "Logo Size" options per location of your logo for TOPS.



You have the options to dictate to us your logo size when embroidered via the "Same Size As Most Previous Order" option, the "Most Common Size" option, the "Email Dimensions Later" option as well as the "Maximum Size" and "Minimum Size" options.


Same Size As Most Previous Order - We will embroider your logo in the same exact dimensions that we used for your most previous order with us for the same logo and item category.


Most Common Size - This option is what most people see as the best size for their embroidered logo.  Generally speaking, this size is slightly smaller than the maximum dimension available.  For example, for application on the chest of a polo, the Most Common Size is 3.5 inches wide or tall, and the maximum dimension is 4 inches wide or tall.  "Most Common Size" is overwhelmingly the most popular choice for new logos.


Email Dimensions Later - With this option, you will tell us the exact dimensions you would like for your logo, considering the maximum and minimum dimensions below, via a reply email to your order confirmation.


Maximum Size or Minimum Size - With these options, we will embroider your logo per the maximum or minimum sizes listed below based on the shape configuration of your logo - width or height.



For TOPS, there are maximum and minimum areas available for embroidery. Based on the shape configuration of your logo - wider or taller - the maximum and minimum dimensions are shown below for TOPS locations.


You will be able to confirm the look of your "Logo Size" choice. as we will email you a sample sew-out after placing your order if applicable based on your thread color choice.



TOPS - Polos, Pullovers, Jackets, etc.



Logo Width and Height - 4 inches maximum, 2 inches minimum



Logo Width and Height - 4 inches maximum, 1 inch minimum


Back Neck

Logo Width and Height - 3 inches maximum, 1 inch minimum



Logo Width and Height - 2 inches maximum, 1 inch minimum




Please Note - Custom embroidered items are not eligible for return or exchange.

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