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At Golf Locker we offer only the finest brands in golf apparel and accessories for your embroidered custom logo needs. We pride ourselves on partnering with only the best brands with the highest quality golf polos and apparel and bring them to you for your customization needs.


These are the brands that you'll see the world's best golfers wearing on a Sunday at a major. This is the custom embroidered golf apparel that you'll feel proud to hand out to your best customers and reward your employees.


These are the brands that you'll take pride in wearing to show off your company or organization logo. Choose from polo shirts, pullovers, hats, bags, windbreakers and more.

In-House Embroidery

We have state-of-the-art embroidery machines right here at our Golf Locker headquarters in sunny Tampa, FL. Our trained staff of professional sewers will embroider your chosen golf polos or golf apparel with your logo.


One-Piece Minimum Ordering

You can order any piece of customizable golf apparel or accessory directly from our website. You can order as little as one piece or thousands at a time. After your order is placed, we will begin preparing your logo for embroidery.


You can order one golf shirt along with one pullover and perhaps a hat for your complete order. You can order the same golf shirt style in five different colors if you'd like. Once your logo is complete and in our system, the possibilities are endless.

Look for the Custom Logo button on each item page.
100% Complete Satisfaction

We've always taken pride in our customer service throughout the years that we've been serving golfers worldwide since 1995, and our custom logo golf apparel department follows in that tradition.


We promise to perfect your logo for embroidery, keep you informed during the customization process, deliver on time and follow up with you to make sure everything went flawlessly with your order. We understand how important your logo is to you, and we will make sure you are overly satisfied with our service to you.

Some of the Companies We Have Worked With
Some of the Companies We Have Worked With


If your logo hasn't been used on our website before, you can upload your logo file on an applicable item page while ordering here on our website, or email us your logo information after you place your order via reply email to your order confirmation. You can upload or email us your logo in any type of image file - jpg, gif, eps or whatever you have.


You can also choose a previously used logo from your account while ordering on our website, as we will store your logos in your account for future use after your first custom-logo order.


We'll do the rest. We will begin the logo preparation after you place your order.


After you place your order and send us your logo, we will request location, size and thread color information via email. For thread color options and information, please visit this link.


We will then optimize your logo for embroidery after we receive our requested information. We will then email you an image of a sew-out sample for your approval. All of this is done at no cost to you and takes 1-2 business days depending on your response time.


Once you approve your sewn-out logo, we will begin the embroidery process on the items that you have ordered. Embroidery is completed in 3-5 business days, and your order will ship.


For orders with in-stock items with a new logo, the turnaround time for your order to ship is 4-7 business days depending on how fast you review and approve your logo sew out. Orders for items are that not in stock and have to be ordered from the manufacturer will take an extra 7-10 business days to ship.


Logo digitizing and preparation for embroidery is always free, and you can order as few as one piece with your logo. Quantity discounts on items are available.


Custom logo embroidery charges are as follows:

1 to 2 items - $15 per item

3-6 items - $10 per item

7-24 items - $7.50 per item

25-72 items - $5 per item

73+ items - $3.50 per item


These charges are added on to the price of the item being purchased and shown in your shopping cart.


For logos over 10,000 stitches, which is very rare, there is a $1 charge for every 1,000 stitches over 10,000 stitches for each item. So if your logo is 13,000 stitches, there would be an extra $3 embroidery fee per item.


Once your logo is prepared and approved by you, we will upload it into your account for easy future ordering purposes on our website.


You can order many different styles to reach the price break levels for embroidery. You don't have to order the same exact item. Go for it!


We can create a store for your company or organization as well. You'll have a store page link to share with others for easy ordering by anyone in your company or organization at any time of the day.


Company associates can have items shipped to any address and use their own individual payment methods.


You can add specific items to your store page or items from a particular brand to match your company's desired look, if you'd like, or simply order anything from our web store that can be customized.


You can place an order at any time for as little as one item at a time or for multiple items from all of the items we have available.


Please visit this page to submit your request to build you a Company Store and for more information.



Have your Club's logo embroidered on any customizable item from our web store.


If you'd like to represent your Club with their logo on any customizable item from the extensive offerings you find on our web store, we'd like to help you and your Club make that happen. We work with private clubs, public courses, munis, associations - any club - golf or otherwise.


If you would like for us to contact your Club for permission for you to use their logo on items, please complete a brief inquiry at this link, and we will contact your Club with more details on our Program, available Club benefits and for their permission. We will contact you when the process is complete.


If you are a Club official, and would like more information on our Club Logo Program and its benefits for your Club, please provide your information at this link, and we will contact you with our Club Logo Program details.


Thank you for your interest.


It's really easy!


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