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Have an item you need to exchange or return and didn't create an account during checkout? No problem! Just fill in the form below, and we'll get the process rolling for you.


If you did create an account when placing your order (we don't require you to do so during checkout - you must have chosen to do so) just go to our automated returns page to log into your account and start the process.


My Golf Locker Patrons - The form below is only for customers that have shopped through and placed a traditional online order.  Please follow the return instructions printed on your packing slip.


Please read our return and exchange policy here for details on how our simple process works.

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  • If this is an exchange, what item(s) do you want instead?
    Include color, sizing, etc. BE VERY SPECIFIC
  • Do we charge you and ship your exchange now or wait until we receive your return?
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    We will email you an RA number with instructions on how to send your return/exchange back to us. All returns must be received by us within 14 days of issuing you the RA number.

In the unlikely event that there's a problem using this form, send your email to:

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