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Bridgestone at Golf Locker Tour B RX Golf Balls

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About Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls

These Bridgestone golf balls have a higher ball speed for maximum distance while having ‘hit and sit’ performance on approach shots.


Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls feature a consistent flight and performance as a result of the proprietary Seamless Cover technology.


Reactiv iQ rebounds quickly on tee shots, delivering explosive velocity and increased distance while staying on the face longer on approach shots, providing more spin and soft feel around the green.


Dual Dimple technology provides efficient trajectory and reduced drag through enhanced aerodynamics.


Product Features


  • Proprietary NEW Reactiv iQ - is a SMART cover technology that reacts to the force of impact. It rebounds quickly on tee shots, delivering explosive velocity and increased distance.

  • For swing speeds under 105 mph.
  • Maximum accuracy and distance.
  • Gradation Compression - gives faster speed and reduces spin off the driver.

  • Seamless Cover Technology (SCT) - eliminates the straight part line and creates a non-uniform part line around the golf ball - resulting in the most consistent golf ball in terms of accuracy, distance, and trajectory ever created.
  • Dual Dimple Technology - the inner dimple increases the speed at ball launch while the outer dimple promotes a shallow angle of descent for increased distance and more consistent ball flight in windy conditions.
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