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Woodlore Women's Adjustable Golf Locker Cedar Shoe Trees

About Woodlore Women's Adjustable Golf Locker Cedar Shoe Trees

Woodlore Men's Adjustable Golf Shoe Trees


Keep your golf shoes protected in the only shoe tree that Golf Locker trusts to emblazon with its logo.


Cedar shoe trees play a vital role in protecting fine shoes. Aromatic cedar helps to repel moths and other insects. Because Woodlore doesn't coat their cedar with varnishes or lacquers, their all-natural shoe trees absorb moisture from footwear. Aromatic cedar also deodorizes with a forest-fresh scent.


The shape of the shoe is maintained with the use of shoe trees.  No more curled up golf shoes.  Prolong the life of your shoes with Woodlore adjustable cedar shoe trees.


The absolute best thing that you can do to preserve and protect your golf shoes is to use cedar shoe trees.  These can literally add years to the life of your shoes.   They also provide great odor prevention.  Don't just throw your shoes in the trunk of your car - put shoe trees in them first.


Women's Shoe Tree Size Chart
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